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Large Volume Pepper Spray Canisters

Our large volume pepper spray canisters contain enough pepper spray to take on large groups of individuals.  Perfect for law enforcement and security personnel in riot situations and crowd control.  Containing 1 pound or more of OC Pepper Spray, these large volume pepper sprays can create an unpenetrable wall of Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Spray capable of defending yourself, others and your property against multiple assailants.  Also perfect for use behind a counter in a retail store to deter robbery or keeping near a homes front door to thwart home invasions.

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Street Wise 1.5 lb. 17% Pepper Spray w/Pistol Grip ******out of stock ETA 3/25/12******


List price: $55.95

Our price : $44.95

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Out of stock

Street Wise 17% Large Volume Pepper Spray 1.5 lb. With UV Dye and Pistol Grip Top     The mega sized Street Wise 1 ½ pound pepper spray canister (SW24PG) contains enough OC Pepper Spray to take on large groups such as in riot...[more]